"I love the heart light! It's pretty, versatile and the light is perfect. I like that the light can be adjusted from 20% -100%,  very convenient when you don't need the full blast of light. I recommend it especially for late night reading in bed. "   

"Such a sweet design idea for a light, and love that with a tap of my finger I can brighten and dim it. It's a perfect baby shower gift for my niece - the magnet holds it together in a heart shape to hang on the crib! But I got one for myself too! I can wear it around my neck for reading at night or just set it up and turn and twist it the way I want. Very clever!"

" This was just what I needed!  My wife is a voracious reader and I finally found an anniversary gift that she loved.  Thanks!"

As a small family business located in California, we take pleasure and pride

in producing unique lighting items that add charm, and a touch of romance, while still performing the task of illumination!  We are a sister company of Beville Gardens.

The Heart Light is one of our first products to be marketed broadly.

We hope you like it as much as we do!


Touch Sensitive with 3 Lighting Settings:                           Low, Medium, and High!

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